30 Day Free Trial for New Customers

That’s right, you get 30 days of unlimited use on one store front absolutely free. On the 30th day we will charge the credit card you put on file with us, but not before.

If you sign up additional stores or you cancel your subscription and try to sign up the same storefront (based on the url), we will charge you right away.

$75 per Month per Storefront

AutomaticFFL is priced for mid-tier and smaller merchants. It’s simple, $75/month for each storefront you have no matter which platform you are on.

We include 10,000 map searches per month in that price, which equates to about 2,500 checkouts if you have a 75% cart abandonment ratio. After 10,000 map searches you pay just $1 per 5,000 additional searches.

Advanced Support Options

You may request support by clicking the Support button at the top of this page for normal support requests. The system is designed to be as self-service as possible.

If you have a highly customized store or theme you may experience conflicts that need to be resolved. If you or your developer need additional help, please contact Razoyo. They have multiple options for obtaining support from Razoyo-on-Demand ad hoc support to retainer plans for long-term support.