WooCommerce Installation and User Guide


Automatic FFL™ enhances the Checkout of your store, making it convenient for customers to ship their purchased firearms to a local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). The application provides facilities for the store owner to define which products must be shipped to an FFL, and which ones they can be shipped to. Customers of the store are provided with a dealer locator powered by Google Maps. The locator is presented to the customer on the checkout page, and allows them to easily search for, and select an FFL. Customers are unable to complete a firearms-related purchase without first selecting an FFL.


Install the plugin from Github

Create an Automatic FFL account

Add a payment method

Create a store

Obtain a Google Maps API Key

Configure the extension


Install the plugin from Github

Download the plugin from the GitHub releases page and upload it to your Wordpress instance by either uploading the zip file through the Wordpress admin panel or by manually adding the files to your server.

Create Admin Account

Visit the Automatic FFL admin home to create an account.

Add a Payment Method

Click the SETUP PAYMENT link and follow the instructions to save your payment method in our payment portal.

Create a Store

Click the “Add your first storefront” link. Your first store will include a 30-day free trial. Choose the correct e-commerce platform from the top of the “Create a new store” page and fill in the form.

Obtain Google Maps API Key

If you do not have a Google developer account already, visit Google Maps Platform and click the Get Started button to obtain a key. Google offers a generous number of free requests. If your site experience extremely high traffic, you may need to pay for additional requests.

Configure Wordpress Plugin

From the Automatic FFL admin, click the EDIT link on the store profile to give you access to the Store Hash and the Store Secret.

In your Wordpress admin panel, hover over the WooCommerce icon in the left side panel and click on Automatic FFL. Then, copy and paste the Store Hash and the Google API Key into the appropriate fields.

If you have a new store, make sure you have a configured your shipping zone.


When you install Automatic FFL, a new product data type will apear for your WooCommerce products called “FFL Required”. On each firearm product in your catalog, check the “FFL Required” checkbox. This can be done using bulk edit in the admin panel or through a product import as well.


Automatic FFL gives you the ability to customize the list of dealers that will be available for checkout. See Dealer Management for complete details.