Managing and Curating the Dealer List

Powerful List Curation Features

AutomaticFFL gives administrators powerful control over the lists of receiving FFL dealers they work with.

Out of the box, AutomaticFFL does the following automatically:

  1. Updates the dealer list with the latest data from EZ-Check at least weekly
  2. Disables all but type 1 and 2 licenses
  3. Filters out big box retailers and other unlikely recipients

Administrators can also do the following:

  1. Set preferred dealers which will show up at the top of the list on the pick screen
  2. Add information like store hours and pricing for individual receiving dealers
  3. Override the default status (enabled or disabled) for individual dealers
  4. Download and upload custom settings
  5. Tell the system not to automatically enable new dealers

Customizing Dealer Settings

When you install the app, your store will be allowed access to a database of all current FFL holders in the United States excluding major brands (i.e. Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc.).

The database interface will be the first thing you see when the application is started. From here, you can click the Edit button to begin customizing specific information associated with FFLs.

Information that you can edit is restricted to non-vital and optional fields. You cannot alter any information regarding the FFL’s license, name, or address.

Custom information is displayed to the customer during checkout. Setting a dealer to preferred status will display a star next to their name in the checkout map. Simply click one of the toggles next to the setting you’d like to change.

Business hours and transfer fees are displayed to the customer during checkout. To edit these, simply type the information you wish to enter into the boxes. If it is valid, the Add button will become highlighted. Click on it to submit your changes.

When you are done editing a dealer, make sure to click the Save button to confirm your changes.  You will be presented with a success message if the information you entered is valid. The information will then be displayed in the locator during checkout.

Bulk Editing of Dealer Information

We highly recommend the recently updated admin panel to execute bulk edits of disabling, enabling or preferring dealers. You can also use the search functions to narrow lists to export, manipulate and reimport.
The Export and Import functions are provided for your convenience. Editing of individual dealership information is possible directly in the admin panel as described above. However, you can edit the information in a spreadsheet.

Click on the Export or Import buttons located at the top of the screen to begin either process.

FFL Export

As soon as you click the export button, your browser will begin downloading only the dealerships included in your search results (7 in this example).

To download all of the dealers in the database (not recommended), clear all of your search terms. To download only the enabled dealers, use the dropdown under the ‘Enabled’ column header and choose ‘All Enabled.’

FFL Import

On the import page, simply upload a valid CSV file in order to overwrite existing dealer customizations.

Click the Upload button to complete the import. This may take a moment depending on the size of the uploaded file. The format of the CSV should be as follows:

The name of the dealer is only present for convenience when bulk editing the entire database. It should not be changed and is not required, although changing it will not cause issues with importation.

Altering the id of a dealer will corrupt the CSV if the id is outside the range of the database, or will simply cause the dealer with that id to be overwritten. Do not change the id of the dealer when editing an exported file.

If your submitted CSV is successfully imported, you will receive a notification.

Overriding Automatic Updates

Each week (or more often), AutomaticFFL imports new dealers from the EZ-Check database.

The effect of this is that type 1 and type 2 FFL licensees that are not big box retailers or otherwise filtered out automatically become available to your customers upon checkout.

Any dealers whose licenses are not longer active are disabled or removed completely from the database as appropriate.

However, some merchants would rather explicitly add new dealers on their own even though they want the system to remove invalid dealers. You have a setting that allows for this.

To activate this setting, log into your account admin panel and choose to edit your profile.
Untick the box next to "Allow Automatic Updates To Dealer List."
That's it. No new dealers will be added to your list during database updates. This will not affect any past selections or customizations you may have made.