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About AutomaticFFLâ„¢

As 2nd Amendment enthusiasts and ecommerce veterans, we were frustrated by the lack of support for FFL compliance in the checkout process. Following the law is always one of the key imperatives for ecommerce merchants in this space and the lack of an affordable, easy-to-install tool seemed like a recipe for disaster.
After a thorough evalution of requirements by numerous merchants, manufacturers and other technology companies in the space, we developed AutomaticFFL to create an affordable, simple tool for merchants that their customers enjoy using.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use AutomaticFFL even if my shop is not on BigCommerce or Magento?

Currently, AutomaticFFL only supports BigCommerce and Magento. Be sure to subscribe to our updates if you would like to know when we will support your platform. The next supported platform will be WooCommerce. If you would like to recommend support for a particular platform, please contact us.

Does AutomaticFFL work with the WordPress checkout?

AutomaticFFL requires the use of the custom checkout option. Most WordPress/BigCommerce implementations use the BigCommerce hosted checkout. In those cases, it will work. If you are hosting checkout in WordPress, it does not currently work.

Can I run multiple storefronts from the same account on different platforms?

Yes. Currently we support [BigCommerce](https://www.bigcommerce.com) storefronts and several of our clients have multiple BigCommerce storefronts in the same Automatic FFL account. As soon as other platforms are ready to go. The system is designed to support a wide variety of front ends over time.

How much does it cost to install?

Standard installation is free and uses the normal process on SaaS platforms like BigCommerce and 3D Cart. On Magento or other open source platforms you will need to install an extension (plug in), in most cases this requires a developer's assistance. If you would like assistance from a developer and do not already have one, please submit a support ticket and we will get you intouch with a competent developer for your platform.

How much are monthly fees?

The base cost for monthly service is $75. There is an additional charge for Google Map access which is pennies per checkout.

Do I still have to confirm with the receiving FFL dealer before shipping?

Yes! AutomaticFFL ensures the default is shipping to a verified dealer. However, you wouldn't want a package to just show up on their doorstep as it may get returned.

Where does your list of dealers come from?

We pull information from EZ-Check which is the most up-to-date information provided by the ATF. Currently we update the information weekly.

How do I cancel my account?

If you are on a SaaS platform like BigCommerce your account is automatically cancelled when you uninstall the app from your store. You can double-check by going to the merchant portal. Storefronts that have been cancelled are put in pending status and still available until the end of the current billing period. If you are having trouble with the process, feel free to click the 'support' button and request assistance.

What support is available?

AutomaticFFL is designed to be extremely reliable, but you may still have some questions. You can submit support requests by clicking on the support button. We do not currently offer 24/7 phone support. In the worst case, you can always revert to your default checkout settings. Fortunately, we have had no downtime, yet, so this shouldn't be an inconvenience.

I installed the app in my BigCommerce store and added the FFL|Yes attribute but the map picker doesn't show up. What do I do?

If you are are experiencing this, chances are you forgot the last, critical step of implementing the checkout redirect. See "REDIRECT CHECKOUT" on the installation page.

Does AutomaticFFL work with 3rd party checkouts like Bolt?

Most 3rd party checkouts, including BOLT at the time of writing do not support firearms sales, so, this is generally a moot point. However, there are many of them and some of them may work with AutomaticFFL, it just depends on how checkout 'takeover' works on that platform. In BigCommerce anything that requires a custom checkout is not compatible. On open-source platforms like Magento / Adobe Commerce, as long as it does NOT take over the address selection section, it should be compatible. You may have to sign up for a free trial to test this.

Can I set a default ffl provider based on zipcode?

While you cannot set a default, you can accomplish about the same thing by customizing your list as follows:
  1. Look up the default provider in the admin panel Dealer Management Page.
  2. Check the 'preferred' box in the far right column.
  3. Look up other dealers in the same zipcode and disable them (can be done using bulk actions).

Where does the ship to dealer's license number show up

It shows up on the Organization/Company field in the destination address.

Yes, you can style the interface to match you site. By default, it will pull colors from your theme and allows you to add custom styles that apply per theme styling for your platform.

What if the FFL that I want isn't appearing?

This is usually caused by one of the following issues:
  • The FFL Dealer's license is inactive or expired. Look up the dealer on EZ-Check on the ATF website to confirm.
  • The Dealer is new but hasn't loaded into the system, yet. If they appear on EZ-Check, they should appear on AutomaticFFL within a week. If you have disabled automatic updates, you will need to manually add them.
  • You have disabled the dealer on the Dealer Management Page. Look them up and take appropriate action.

How often do you update the list of ffl providers?

We currently update the list on Thursday or Friday each week. However, we plan to run the updates daily starting in Q1 2023.